Imme Visser 2.0

So finally here is the second part of the shoot we did together a while back. I am very happy with the result and proud to share my favorite images! I loved taking her outside and letting the sun bring out her wonderful hair color and natural beauty, which is quite convenient when shooting a model without a make-up artist at hand, haha. I bet you are all wishing you had cute freckels like her, don't you.

Those who follow me on twitter (not that active, sorry!) might know that I am staying in -very very cold- Hamburg at the moment. This city is just great, maybe I'll do a small post on it.  Right now everything is all white and cosy, I  just love it! I'm here to book some kick-ass modeling jobs and trying to get more curvy models or bloggers in front of my camera.  I hope to keep you posted on that.  Suggestions are always welcome :)


  1. She's so beautiful. Good looking women do not need a make-up artist ;)

  2. Gorgeous, as usual :-) The second picture is my favourite!

  3. The one of her sitting on the curb is significantly more compelling than the others.

  4. Hey!
    You'v got extremly interesting bolog :)
    I am also writing a blog on models and modeling, i am new at this tho :)
    Check it out :
    Also follow me on twitter: @EyesOnAleks

  5. Hey darling)
    nice blog)loves it)
    would you like to follow each other?)

    xoxo Christy

  6. You're beautiful ;)