New project, new pictures!

Hey hey!

As you all can see I'm no longer posting here.  Time has come to start something completely different and I would like to share my new project as it starting to grow and grow.

I started a travel/photogaphy blog where I will be trading my images for 'food and board' and something to cover my travels.  I won't be making any money the time I'll be doing this, and I most definitely won't be charging money for the pictures. Hence the trading.   I hope to travel around for a few months, nothing planned yet.
At the moment I'm in South-Portugal discovering this paradise-looking part or Europe. I can't wait to go and discover more!

Go have a look and don't hesitate to invite me into your home If you think we should shoot together!


Here are a few of the most recent projects I did.


Imme Visser 2.0

So finally here is the second part of the shoot we did together a while back. I am very happy with the result and proud to share my favorite images! I loved taking her outside and letting the sun bring out her wonderful hair color and natural beauty, which is quite convenient when shooting a model without a make-up artist at hand, haha. I bet you are all wishing you had cute freckels like her, don't you.

Those who follow me on twitter (not that active, sorry!) might know that I am staying in -very very cold- Hamburg at the moment. This city is just great, maybe I'll do a small post on it.  Right now everything is all white and cosy, I  just love it! I'm here to book some kick-ass modeling jobs and trying to get more curvy models or bloggers in front of my camera.  I hope to keep you posted on that.  Suggestions are always welcome :)


Imme Visser

I managed to finally get some stuff edited. I bought a new camera but my old macbooc isn't very happy with all these big files and decided to work incredibly slow from now on.

Here's my latest testshoot I did with recently turned plus size model Imme Visser.  She decided to go and give it a try in the plus size industry after a continuous struggle with the very strict model size rules..
I'm sure she'll kick ass in the future!